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An all-in-one notion powered CRM + CMS with everything you need to manage relations, sell products, and craft tweets

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Managing funnel statuses is frustrating

With this template, you get option to tag every contact with their status, for multiple projects with just one click.

→ Quickly add contacts as potential clients to as many projects
→ Individual project pages automatically generated with all the information for all the contacts

→ Or look what tags a contact has on all the products on one single page

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Reminders to text the people who matter

So you focus on what you do best. 

Set once and get reminders to text specific contacts every ‘x’ days on the home page - turn off with a click

Bookmarks are meant to be read later, not to scare you

A beautiful yet simple interface to manage your bookmarks, with folders! Look at them all at once, or sort using tags

→ Works with the companion chrome and safari extensions 

→ Add the same bookmark to multiple folders with ease

→ Check them off but still have them in the archive instead of simply deleting it

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Never lose your ideas for the tweets, never publish them in a hassle

You get a well-thought beautiful Kanban board to draft, edit, and save your tweets and threads for later.  

Drag and drop to change status between draft, needs work, and complete

→ Option to save completed tweets for the future, away from the rest of the tweets

→ Add tags to the drafts to find them even quickly. Sort using tags, or using status

A special place to save the tweets you want to be inspired from

When you see a tweet or a thread which you want to get inspired to write your own tweet, add them to this little corner, away from the chaos of the bookmarks.

And access them either from the Inspiration page, or directly from the tweet drafting page

Add tags to find them fast

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Reminders to check back on posts after a few days

Not one, not two, but set upto three different timings for the same reminder.

Use these reminders like a priority read later list, real all the future replies to a tweet, or check back the result of a giveaway. 

Stop going here and there to copy the message you sent last week

A clean repository of adding templated messages you send frequently, sorted by tags.

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